TTP229 Capacitive Touch Sensor Module (16 channels) 16 touch numbers 1 to 16


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Product Description

Description:The TTP229 capacitive touch sensor module is perfect for adding capacitive touch inputs to your project.

This capacitive touch sensor module uses the TTP229 integrated circuit, making it easy to add capacitive touch input to your project. It features 16 sensitive touch pads that make an ideal replacement for the old fashioned keypads.


  •     On-board 16-key TTP229 capacitive touch sensor IC
  •     On-board power indicator LED
  •     Simple to Use, Auto Calibration
  •     Operates in 8 or 16 channel mode
  •     Output can configured be Active High or Low
  •     Output Mode can be configured to Toggle or Momentary
  •     Easy to replace mechanical key outputs
  •     Output can be directly connected to Microcontroller’s Input pins
  •     Working Voltage Range: 2.4 V to 5.5 V
  •     Startup Calibration Delay: 0.5 Sec
  •     Configurable output mode


All modules are pretested before shipping. We recommend to use a USB to RS232 to connect to the GSM/GPRS module.

Size Specifications:

  •     PCB Size: 49.3 x 64.5 mm



Package Content:

  •      1 x TTP229 16 channels Capacitive Touch Sensor Module



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